In the race to produce as much power as possible from an engine, it seems that the average builder turns to anything from the GM stable of powerplants. LS this, and big block that, are ways to create impressive dyno figures. Still, there are other types of engines out there and builder Tyson Gavin is one to explore alternative routes. In fact, Gavin is currently working on a tri-bank 12-rotor rotary engine for use in marine applications.

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That's a lot of rotors.

He and his team have barely been able to lean on the engine during dyno testing, and they've already seen torque ratings of over 800 pound-feet at just 3,200 rpm. The challenge at the moment, per Engine Labs, is keeping air and fuel flowing into the engine. At the moment, a single 1,300-cfm carb supplies the induction needed, but the team is planning to move to an electronic fuel injection system.

Builder Gavin believes the epic engine is capable of some delightfully extreme figures. Standard pleasure cruising could be done with power output in the 1,400-horsepower range. Add in a pair of turbos and the figure could be pumped up to 2,400 horsepower. Those numbers come with using standard 87 octane, mind you. Push the boost up to 50 psi, swap in racing fuel, and now we're potentially dealing with 5,000 horsepower.

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We can't wait until someone tries to put this engine in a street car... seriously, if you're going to do that, please call us so we can have cameras rolling when you press the throttle for the first time.


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