Like ordering off the secret menu at your favorite establishment, the supercar world seems to be growing a new, undocumented feature set: spitting fire several feet past the exhaust tips. Add the McLaren 12C to that list.

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Often the big flames are limited to tuner cars like the RADO Motorsports SLS AMG, or race cars like the GT40 showing off for fun. Sometimes they’re spotted on cars while still in development, like our spy shots of the Lamborghini Huracan. But sometimes they’re just out on the street, threatening to roast pursuers and hapless passersby alike, as in the case of this McLaren 12C spotted by Shmee150.

Of course, getting right up to the bumper of a 12C that wants to leave you behind can be quite a challenge, even if you’re in some of the world’s best machinery. If you should accomplish the feat, however, you may be in for more than you expected—at least with this particular example.