Pornography comes in different forms for different people. It's not always sexual in nature, either. In fact, there are many types of car porn in this world. One easy way to create such material is to grab the keys to a Ford GT40, find a tunnel, attach GoPros, and go for it. This results in multiple types of porn, because it's visually stimulating but it's also pleasing to the ears.

YouTube user Jonathan Harper had access to everything necessary as described above. A Gulf-liveried GT40 sits in front of the camera and proceeds to get on the throttle in a tunnel. An inset shot shows what's going on with the exhaust outlets, and it's a hot experience. We don't actually mean that in the whole "hot equals good" way, we actually mean there's serious heat coming off the car. It spits fire on the overrun when the driver lets off the throttle.

This aids in the visual experience.

The good part about all of this is that there was nothing nefarious being undertaken here. The Ford GT40 makes those noises at pretty much all speeds, and the road in front of the driver was fairly empty and straight. The tunnel made it sound much louder as well. So we can only stand and applaud the driver for providing us with a bit of the daily pleasure that they can achieve by simply taking a Ford GT40 and driving it through a tunnel.

You can do this at home as well. All you need is a car with a great engine and exhaust noise and a tunnel of decent length. Find the tunnel, hit the gas, enjoy the experience.

It's the little things in life.


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