If you’re looking for a sports sedan with plenty of performance but won’t get a second look from the fuzz, the BMW Alpina B3 Biturbo might just be for you. While it may look like a stock standard 3-Series to the average onlooker, performance fans will immediately recognize the hunkered-down stance, multi-spoke alloys and quad-exhaust tips that characterize the latest Alpinas.

Alpina’s range of hotted-up BMWs aren’t as hardcore as your typical M cars but they do offer a significant bump in performance over the standard BMW lineup. British journo Chris Harris found this out recently in his latest video for YouTube’s Drive channel.

He was driving a 2013 BMW Alpina B3 Biturbo, which is based on the 335i sedan but gets a custom twin-turbocharger kit, a limited-slip differential and 20-inch alloy wheels. Thanks to Alpina’s tuning, the car’s 3.0-liter engine is delivering 410 horsepower and 442 pound-feet of torque. That’s enough to get the sports sedan from 0-62 mph in just 4.2 seconds and on to a top speed of 189 mph.

Note, if sedans aren’t your thing, Alpina also offers this brilliant drivetrain in the X3 SUV body and soon it will be adding it to BMW’s new 4-Series and 4-Series Convertible.


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