Motorcycles are incredible nimble and quick machines. Cars offer a sense of safety that motorcycles can't match. Is there a way to combine the best of both worlds? Yes, and you can put it in your driveway for just $16,000. It's a Locost, which is a clone of the famed Lotus Seven, and this one is powered by the engine from a 2006 Yamaha R1 motorcycle.

The Locost is an extremely lightweight machine, so the 173 horsepower from the R1 motor means the car will have plenty of get up and go. It will also sound amazing as it screams up to over 12,000 rpm. You can probably keep your foot into the throttle as well because the Locost is super agile, and it actually enjoys being tossed around in anger.

This specific example is for sale by way of the forums. The owner states that the car was stretched four inches to accommodate the previous owner's 6'5" frame. The current owner moved the seat forward due to the stretching, and in the process has created a storage area behind his seat. It's win-win for both tall and short people because the taller folk can actually fit in this, and the shorter people have space to store things.

This Locost has less than 4,000 miles on its engine, and it also comes with a full windshield and mounting kit. It is road legal where it's titled in Nebraska, and it appears that both the current and prior owner had no issue insuring the vehicle. Those are all good signs. Combine that with the asking price of $16,000 and you have a wonderful toy that doubles as a track assassin.


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