Saleen is the automotive name best known for turning out modified Mustangs. It's also the last name of the man behind the company, who was an accomplished racer in his day. We're pretty sure Steven Saleen was happy with his twin-turbocharged 750-horsepower S7, which remains a potent performer of a supercar built right here in the USA. It's not enough, however, for the team of Russian tuners behind Total Race.

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Originally a rear-wheel-drive car, Total Race have taken their S7 and extensively modified it, which includes turning it into an all-wheel-drive machine. That's not the crazy part though, because this particular S7 is packing a new powerplant that sits behind the drivers head. A ProLine engine was sourced for the delightful sum of nearly $62,000. Sounds expensive sure, but when you are looking to push your car to the ragged edge of the horsepower world, you need an engine that can take the abuse.

Total Race put its S7 on the dyno, and upon first glance I thought the amount of straps being used was overkill. I was incorrect. This particular dyno run shows that the car is making 2,282 horsepower and 1,737 pound-feet of torque... on pump gas. That's a not small amount of power, and it makes far more sense of the fact that Total Race converted this car to send power out to all four wheels.

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Since this is a Russian build, we have to guess that this S7 is being prepped to run dominate at one of the popular Dragtimes events. Many competitors step up to the line to see just how fast they can run over the course of a mile. Total Race will most likely have a few traction issues off the line, but once it's hooked up we expect it to slow the spin of the Earth.