Everything about rally racing requires something different when compared to other forms of racing. The cars and the people who pilot them are equally insane. Neither, however, is as insane as the average co-driver.

This is the person who has to maintain even more cool than the driver because they tell the wheelman where to point the rapidly accelerating machine. You need an iron stomach, a sharp mind, and, ahem, big brass ones. It's clear than that the co-driver seen in the above video fits the mold rather well.

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During the Rally de Campo Viera in Argentina, a team ran into a snag when their throttle pedal stopped responding. Some might pack it up at this point, but not this intrepid duo. The co-driver opened the hood, climbed into the engine bay, and modulated the throttle himself. The driver stuck his head out the window to see since there was now a rather large hood occupying most of the front windshield.

We've got no word on how the team fared in the race, but just finishing is one heck of an accomplishment. Word has it that they weren't taking it easy either, which is pretty clear from the video. The rear end drifts around, the co-driver grabs some more throttle, and the team is off, headed down the stage.

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Believe it or not, this isn't the first time this has happened. A few other adventurous and dedicated co-drivers have taken the leap and wound up under the hood of their rally vehicle. Both the driver and co-driver have to have serious trust in each other to pull off a stunt like this. It just goes to show that those who compete in motorsports have a certain part of their brain that is wired differently.


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