Earlier today, we told you about John Hennessey and his team taking their Venom GT supercar out to a NASA runway to give it the ole' Texas try.

The top recorded speed was 270.49 mph. That's enough to best even the Bugatti Veyron Super Sport's record top speed by a small margin. It's a much larger margin, however, when you consider that the Venom GT accomplished the feat with far less room, and had seemingly plenty of more grunt left to go before the throttle had to be lifted.

It all sounds so amazing... and now you can see just how amazing it was because the HPE team put together a properly dramatic video.

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Appropriately drawing upon some of John F. Kennedy's words about traveling to the moon, the video shows that the run took place at the JFK Space Center in Florida, and the car soared to new speed heights. The Venom GT is a heck of a machine, and this speed run is quite an achievement. Sure there's a bit of patriotic pride to be had here, but this is a great spot of news for any automotive enthusiast. It's a bit David versus Goliath, Rocky versus the Russian, and we're just happy to witness the mind bogglingly fast result.

Congratulations to John Hennessey and his entire team.