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  • Tesla Model S convertible by Newport Convertible Engineering

    Last year, we heard that a company based in California was working on a convertible conversion for the Tesla Model S. That company was Newport Convertible Engineering (NCE), which back in April 2014 released several computer-generated images of its convertible Model S and said it had a Chinese investor lined up to buy 100 examples of the car. Now the first example of the car is up for sale on eBay. NCE’s convertible version of the popular Tesla Motors [TSLA:NSDQ] electric sedan has been previously revealed in the metal, but this is the first one that will end up in customer hands...

  • Tesla Model S convertible by Newport Convertible Engineering
    NCE Plans Tesla Model S Coupe And Two-Door Convertible Conversions

    Newport Convertible Engineering will chop the doors as well as tops of Tesla Model S electric cars.

  • Tesla Model S convertible by Newport Convertible Engineering
    Tesla Model S...Convertible? Newport Takes Top Off Popular EV

    Few motoring experiences beat the thrill of driving a convertible along your favorite road, and owners of Tesla's first electric car, the Roadster, would surely agree. The electric car firm doesn't currently offer a convertible in its one-car range, but Newport Convertible Engineering out of...

  • R35 Nissan GT-R convertible by Newport Convertible Engineering
    Newport Convertible Pries Off The Roof Of The Nissan GT-R

    Newport Convertible Engineering has been chopping the roofs off of vehicles for over 30 years now. The California-based company takes existing vehicles with fixed roofs, and opens them up to the sky. Sometimes the change works, and sometimes it doesn't. They do offer something for everyone though...

  • Range Rover Convertible
    Newport Drops The Top On Its Range Rover Convertible

    Newport Convertible Engineering is known for taking fixed-roof machines and chopping them up to create convertible versions. The company does it with pretty much every vehicle out there, and the results certainly vary. One vehicle we wouldn't expect them to apply the drop-top conversion to would be...

  • ch038
    Newport Convertible Engineering Nearing Completion Of 2010 Camaro Convertible

    The convertible specialists at Newport Convertible Engineering (NCE) have tackled everything from the Toyota Prius to Hummer H2, including the Dodge Challenger and Mercedes CL. Their latest project is the 2010 Chevrolet Camaro, and though it's not quite done yet, it will be ready soon, so the...

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