The convertible specialists at Newport Convertible Engineering (NCE) have tackled everything from the Toyota Prius to Hummer H2, including the Dodge Challenger and Mercedes CL. Their latest project is the 2010 Chevrolet Camaro, and though it's not quite done yet, it will be ready soon, so the company is already taking orders.

If you do decide to lop the top off your new Camaro, expect to wait 4-6 weeks for the conversion to complete. The first brave owner to do the conversion volunteered his orange SS model, and though the resulting vehicle hasn't yet been released, expect it to look a lot like the official concept model above - at least with the top down. Top up, the NCE vehicles have a look all their own.

Chevrolet may or may not still have plans to bring the Camaro Convertible to market next year, but the latest pre-bankruptcy reports pegged its sale date as March 2011. That gives NCE a considerable lead time to offer eager buyers their very own drop-top conversions without having to deal with OEM competition.

To buy your own or keep tabs on NCE's progress, check out their official website.