Following the release of its first official product, the 570 series Dodge Challenger, American performance carmaker SMS Supercar has finally revealed new details and images for its new 460 Mustang based on the 2010 model year pony car. The reveal follows on the heels of some legal interludes with former Steve Saleen company and now MJ Acquisitions-owned Saleen, Inc., but SMS isn't letting that dampen its progress toward its next-gen super-'Stang.

The lineup will consist of two new vehicles, the SMS 460 and SMS 460X, both fully certified and street legal and fitted with custom supercharged V8s delivering 470hp (350kW) and 427lb-ft (578Nm) of torque and 655hp (488kW) and 600lb-ft (812Nm) of torque respectively.

The new images, which are computer renderings of the finished product, were revealed at a special event this week in Seattle. Along with the photos, an ordering guide on the SMS Supercars website reveals the MSRP of the 460 Mustang to be $64,990 for the Coupe and $69,990 for the Convertible. Those are pretty steep prices, but considering the power and features on tap, it's at least arguably reasonable.

Transmission options are a 5-speed automatic or 5-speed manual on the 4.6L 460 or a 6-speed SMST manual on the top of the line 5.0L 460X. The 460 Mustang is claimed to accelerate from 0 to 60mph in the low 4-second range, while the 460X should manage the same run even quicker.

In addition to engine output, handling and braking play an equally important role - all that power is useless without control. To deliver that control, the cars are fitted with Saleen’s latest Watt's linkage suspension with a completely revised geometry. New SMS brakes front and rear deliver stopping power to match the straight-line speed, though specific figures on stopping distances from 60 or 70mph haven't been released.

To set them apart from the pack, the SMS 460 Mustangs will also feature a host of external visual and technical modifications. The front fascia treatment, SMS Red Butterfly Air Induction HoodTM, front and side splitters, rear fascia and diffuser with high down-force rear wing show the way Saleen is looking at Mustangs today.

The performance theme continues inside with Alcantara and leather trim on the seats, dash and center console.

Towards the end of the year, or possibly in early 2010, SMS will add a modified Chevrolet Camaro to its lineup, raising the pony car rivalry to a new level.