Newport Convertible Engineering is known for taking fixed-roof machines and chopping them up to create convertible versions. The company does it with pretty much every vehicle out there, and the results certainly vary.

One vehicle we wouldn't expect them to apply the drop-top conversion to would be a luxury off-roader like the latest Range Rover. We're incorrect in that assumption because that's exactly what the company has done. Ladies and gentleman, feast your eyes on the Range Rover Convertible AKA the Vogue.

Now, we're not ones to hate on the custom works of others. People put time, money, and energy into creating vehicles that appeal to them. This, however does not appeal to us. Range Rovers are designed to get muddy while still retaining an air of classiness.

This is clearly meant to cruise to and from the mall while making some folks jealous and others angry. Still, that's kind of what the Range Rover is used for anyway these days, which is a conversation for another day.

Newport Convertible Engineering will put this machine into production starting in August, and production will be limited. The base vehicle is a top-shelf Range Rover Autobiography so you can expect plenty of power and a wonderfully upgraded interior.

What you can't expect, however, are reduced road noise, a cleanly stowing top, and the respect of other Land Rover owners.

Well, maybe the future Evoque convertible owners will look up to you.


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