The NFL's Super Bowl is the time for automakers to shell out more money than normal. Why? It's time for many millions of folks to turn their attention away from the football game and place their eyeballs on the commercials. Nearly all automakers do this, and some commercials are better than others. Volkswagen has, in recent memory, produced some stellar spots. Now though, it looks like Jaguar is ready to grab your attention in a new ad for the 2015 F-Type Coupe.

It's called the British Villain Rendezvous, and it plays on the film and television stereotype that portrays many a villain as a Brit. The idea is a bit comical but it's mostly wonderful, and it works well to play up the exciting aspect of the rather lovely looking new F-Type hardtop. Besides the car, however, Jaguar went all out and assembled a cast of extremely well-known British actors to play the parts of the villains.

If you're looking for good villains, you can't do much better than Sir Ben Kingsley, Tom Hiddleston, and Mark Strong. These are three powerhouse actors used in a brilliant way to portray the evil side of the little Jaguar that everyone is dying to get seat time with. Enough chatting though, the ad works best when you, you know, watch it. So go do that, then sit back and realize that it might just be good to be bad...


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