Brits always make the best bad guys in movies, and Jaguar will play heavily on that fact with a new F-Type Coupe advert at next year's Super Bowl. As part of an advertising campaign called "British Villains", Jaguar says it has drafted in a host of renowned British actors to show off the new F-Type Coupe, which makes its worldwide debut at the Los Angeles Auto Show later this month.

The first Villains ad, called "Disrupter", will air on November 10 during the 2013 British Academy of Film and Television Awards in Los Angeles, as well as during NFL games.

Jaguar is hoping to cultivate a more exciting image from the adverts, based on the age old pop culture theory that "...villains disrupt the status quo and challenge the establishment, while living one step ahead of, and better than, the pack".

As companies like Mercedes-Benz and Audi release new small sedans into the market, Jaguar also sees it as the perfect opportunity to dive into an emerging market itself. The company is already working on a new and more dynamic successor to the unloved X-Type, and hopes to muscle in as "a bit of a challenger and underdog brand to the luxury car norm". 

The new campaign is the most expensive in Jaguar's history, and the 30-second Super Bowl commercial alone--set to air in the second half of next year's event broadcast on Fox--will cost $4 million. Still, it can always use some of those British Villains to "acquire" that sort of money...


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