Last October, we brought you the good news that an A4-based Audi allroad station wagon would be making its way to this side of the pond at last. Car shoppers in the U.S. haven’t been able to buy an Audi allroad here since 2005, and that version was based on the larger Audi A6 wagon.

With sales of the all weather family hauler set to begin soon, Audi of America has put up a configurator micosite for the allroad, allowing shoppers to build and price an Audi wagon that fits both their needs and their budget. As with other configurator sites, you get to see exactly how your car will look wearing different paint, wheel or trim options.

As with most luxury vehicles these days, the cost difference between a base model (not that you’ll find any of these on an Audi dealer’s lot) and a full loaded model is significant. Order up an allroad in Premium trim sans any options, and the sticker price is a semi-reasonable $40,495.

Go heavy on the options with an allroad in Prestige trim, on the other hand, and the price of admission can top the $57,000 barrier. Still, that’s a solid bargain compared to the prices of optioned-out luxury crossovers these days.

The allroad configurator may not deliver as much entertainment value as the Ferrari 458 Italia Spider configurator, but it’s a welcome tool for anyone shopping for a German-flavored, versatile family hauler.