If you thought you’d missed your chance to pick up a new Saab before the now-semi-defunct brand was gone for good, despair not: additional units, leftover from port inventory will be heading to dealer auction next week.

According to Saab World (via Jalopnik), the first 300 of 900 remaining cars will be offered exclusively to Saab dealers in the United States, but it’s their call whether to sell the cars (presumably at a massive discount) or strip them down for spare parts.

The remaining 600-unit inventory will be sold off in batches of 100 to rental car agencies and exporters, meaning that they won’t even be available to U.S. Saabophile consumers, at least not until the rental agencies are done with them.

While the bulk of the port inventory is limited to 9-3 models, buried deep in the sale listing (PDF link) are some tasty morsels for Saab fans. There’s a 1970 Saab Sonnett III and a 1985 Saab 900 SPG (which, if you’ve never driven one, feels like the world’s fastest Barcolounger), as well as a few 9-5 and 9-4X models sold as parts vehicles only.

Saab World reports that some dealers still have inventory, with leftover models selling at discounts of 30-50 percent; with no warranty coverage included, that’s only a bargain until something expensive breaks. On the plus side, it looks like North American Saab owners will be able to get spare parts for the foreseeable future.