I know, I was supposed to go back to Ford products after my detours for the Pontiac Sunbird 2000 Turbo and the Alfa Romeo 164, but this week I've been obsessing over Saab's sporty fiberglass machine of the early 1970s.

You'd think that finding a Sonett would be hard. Not so!

Just about every Sonett ever sold in the United States has been gathering dust in a garage somewhere and is now available for a very reasonable low-four-figure (or even three-figure) sum.

Why is that? Could it be that the owners became weary of correcting the spelling (it's S-O-N-E-T-T, not S-O-N-N-E-T, in spite of the fact that it's just the Swedish word for the form of poetry)? Or could it be the incredible flakiness of a Taunus V-4-powered, off-brand, front-wheel drive Swedish sports car?

I'm pretty sure that seeing a Saab 900 Turbo-engined Sonett at the dragstrip a couple of months back has had some bearing on my Sonettophilia. Just look at it!

Saab Sonett drag race car

Saab Sonett drag race car