If you were to hit the right combination of numbers for a Powerball drawing, or inherit a fortune from a long-lost uncle, Ferrari’s latest open-air supercar, the 458 Italia Spider, would be a logical dream-car purchase.

Since Ferrari offers a vast array of customization options, you’ll probably want to take some time to ponder them, viewing the changes on an image of your future ride, before throwing down your cash. Good news, then: Ferrari’s 458 Italia Spider configurator website is now live.

Even the first step is a challenge. While we believe that all Ferraris should be painted Scuderia Red or Modena Yellow, others disagree, which is why Ferrari offers 38 available paint colors. Then there are six wheel choices and nearly 20 other exterior options (including lots of carbon fiber), and that’s before you even get to the interior.

If the interior color options alone don’t cause your head to explode, you’ll need to select your seat style and size, carpeting color and material, interior trim pieces and interior options before printing out a summary. If you get the feeling that the 458 Italia Spider configurator is a great way to kill an hour or so, you’d be correct.

Absent by design from the configurator is pricing, which is best discussed with your Ferrari dealer. Unlike commodity-based cars, Ferraris don’t come with a choice of money-saving option packages, so realize that nearly every box you check in the configurator adds to the car’s cost.

If you have the $257,000 price of admission for a Ferrari 458 Italia Spider, personalizing the car to your exact taste is likely worth that additional expense.