Here at SportsCarMonitor we don't spend a lot of time on two-wheeled modes of transport, but this one deserves some face time: the V8 Choppers C-Series, sporting classic chopper looks and powered by Chevrolet small-block V-8s.

You may remember the Viper-powered bike shown off by Chrysler a few years ago. That bike used four tires to keep its compsure, but the V8 Choppers C-Series uses just two--though that rear tire is suitably fat. It better be, with 300 to 520 horsepower on tap from the eight-pot powerplant in its monstrous frame.

Three variants are available: a 300-cubic inch (4.9-liter) 300-horsepower V-8; a 372-cubic inch (6.1-liter) 430-horsepower V-8, and a 400-cubic inch (6.5-liter) 520-horsepower V-8. All of them are insane.

Check out the link below for more photos of the custom creation, but if you're thinking about pulling the trigger, you'd better have $40,000 in hand--for the base model.

[V8 Choppers via Serious Wheels]