There's no shortage of power behind the wheel of a 2010 Chevrolet Camaro SS (or the 2011, for that matter). But there may be another 20 or so ponies under the hood come 2012, according to the latest rumors.

Equipped with an LS3 engine and manual transmission, the current Camaro SS cranks out a solid 426 horsepower. Even the slightly weaker L99/automatic combo is at 400 horsepower. But fear of competition from the lighter, similarly powerful 2011 Ford Mustang 5.0 is the reported impetus for the power grab.

Getting more power out of the LS3 and L99 would be easier and less expensive than cutting significant weight from the Camaro's 3,800-pound-ish total--and it will help keep pace with the quicker 412-horsepower 2011 Mustang GT, particularly at the drag strip.  Zero to 60 mph times could be trimmed even further from their already-quick 4.6-second range at present.

Also slated for 2012 are significant interior upgrades, which could make the wait for another year well worth the pain of doing without a Camaro for twelve months. Of course, the arrival of the Camaro Convertible, due out early next year, will make that wait even more difficult for some.

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