Top Gear USA is finally getting close to airing on the History Channel, and the last of the details of the show's setup are leaking to the Web. Today Variety published details on the show, including the celebrity guest list.

The first episode will feature Tim Allen and Ty Burrell, while Buzz Aldrin, Tony Hawk, Bret Michaels, Dominic Monaghan, Michelle Rodriguez, and Kid Rock will also make appearances on the show, driving the Suzuki SX4--America's equivalent of the British Top Gear's "Reasonably Priced Car."

Top Gear USA's own celeb list will include an American Stig. It remains to be seen how long this one will last before being "killed off" or outing himself with a book deal. This being America, the Stig may end up being unmasked through some combination of reality TV, New Jersey housewives, and/or a leaked sex tape.

Tanner Foust filming in L.A. with Top Gear USA

Tanner Foust filming in L.A. with Top Gear USA

Hosting Top Gear USA are actor/comedian Adam Ferrara, racer/stunt driver/drifter Tanner Faust, and racing analyst Rutledge Wood.

The first episode of Top Gear USA will show on the History Channel next month.

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