• Dodge Viper-based Defender prop car from "Viper" (photo via Bring a Trailer)

    A filming and promotion car from the 1990s TV show "Viper" can be yours, but it can't be registered to drive on the street.

  • Officially licensed "A-Team" van (Photo by Worldwide Auctioneers)
    One of six 1979 Chevrolet "A-Team" vans headed to auction

    An "A-Team" van used for promotional purposes is heading to auction with a full fake armory inside.

  • Netflix's "Fastest Car"
    Netflix is hitting the gas on "original" automotive content

    Netflix has announced that it's dipping its proverbial toe more deeply into the water that is automotive television. This means two new shows and a third, "Fastest Car," that is getting renewed for a second season. More automotive content is great for car fans, but while Netflix may be offering...

  • Jerry Seinfeld and Dave Chapelle on Season 6 of Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee
    Season 6 of "Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee" coming July 6

    Jerry Seinfeld has rounded up another slew of very funny people and invited them to go for a drive to get coffee. Season six of "Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee" is set to land on Netflix on July 6. The lineup for the new episodes is top notch, and if you're a fan of comedy it should prove to be...

  • 2017 Formula One Azerbaijan Grand Prix
    Formula One moving to ESPN broadcasts in US for 2018 season

    Cable sports giant ESPN announced Wednesday that it would broadcast Formula One racing in the U.S. as part of a multiyear deal inked between the racing organization and the media company. In a statement by ESPN, the channel confirmed its schedule for Formula One, beginning March 25 with the...

  • Backroad Gold title card.
    Travel Channel's Backroad Gold Joins The Classic-Car Reality Show Herd

    The Travel Channel's newest show is the latest in a line of programs focusing on classic cars.

  • Top Gear USA, now on BBC 3

    Whether you love the flannel-clad antics of Rutledge Wood, the humor of Adam Ferrara, or the behind-the-wheel skill of Tanner Foust, the most American version of Top Gear will be back on The History Channel this week, starting up tomorrow, August 14th, at 9 p.m. Eastern. A total of sixteen episodes are planned for the new season. Though Top Gear USA started out a bit shakily, its first season was successful enough with gearheads and normal folks alike to earn it a second go. The third season will see six episodes aired before the break, with another ten to come in the new year. News of the...

  • Top Gear USA hosts mug during "Donut" trailer
    Ferrara Confirms Top Gear USA On For Third Season

    There's no shortage of both haters and lovers of America's version of Top Gear. Where you stand depends as much on your sense of humor as it does your love of cars, but whichever side you're on, you'll get to experience a third season of the show. The return of Top Gear USA for season three was...

  • Richard Hammond's Crash Course. Images © Gilles Mingasson for BBC AMERICA
    Richard Hammond Gives The U.S. A 'Crash Course': Video

    If you're not familiar with The Hamster by now, perhaps you're not really all that into cars after all. As one of the trio that delivers the U.K.'s Top Gear television show, and a notorious jet-dragster-crasher, Hammond is now setting out on his own in a solo program for the U.S. The video teaser...

  • 2010 Dodge Viper SRT10 ACR-X
    Dodge To Air Viper Celebrity Challenge On Versus

    This weekend, fans of the Viper and will get an interesting intro to the upcoming 11 weeks of Viper Cup racing coverage: a celebrity challenge, featuring top Dodge motorsports drivers including Kurt Busch, Brad Keselowski, Sam Hornish Jr., and more. The racing is in Viper ACR-X spec race cars at...

  • 1957 Chevy 150 sedan from 'Pawn Stars'
    1957 Chevy From 'Pawn Stars' Catches Fire, Gets Restored Within Hours

    Unless you're a fan of the TV series Pawn Stars, you might've missed the news on Friday that a 1957 Chevy 150 sedan belonging to the "Old Man" overheated and burst into flames. But there's a follow-up piece that might interest you: the classic car was restored in just a matter of hours, and it's...

  • Top Gear USA preps for its second season
    Top Gear USA Season 2 Extended: 8 More Episodes On The Way

    General consensus among Top Gear fans wasn't too positive for the first season of Top Gear USA. For anyone who'd caught episodes of the UK version and enjoyed the crazy antics of Clarkson, Hammond and May, it just wasn't up to scratch. Heck, even if you'd not seen an episode of the UK series it...

  • Velocity TV logo

    Earlier this summer, we brought you news of Discovery's plans to launch a new channel targeting "upscale men" called Velocity, with part of its focus being custom, classic, and vintage cars. Today, the channel officially announced its launch date: October 4. The first night's programming will highlight its focus on cars with familiar shows for gearheads, including MotorWeek, What's My Car Worth, Chasing Classic Cars, Inside West Coast Customs, and American Icon with Chip Foose. Cafe Racer, Tech Toys, and Mecum Auto Auctions will also join the list of shows of interest to car and motorcycle...

  • Top Gear USA preps for its second season
    Top Gear USA Season 2 Premiere: Reader Review

    Last night, I ate some frozen pizza (definitely not delivery...) goofed around on my new Android tablet, drove a few dozen miles in the CTS-V Coupe I have in the driveway and generally forgot completely about the season two premiere of Top Gear USA. In other words, I had fun. If you found yourself...

  • Velocity TV logo
    Discovery HD To Launch Velocity Automotive Channel: Video

    If you're a fan of Mecum auctions, classic cars, or watching Brits bash beaters into near-new condition, you're familiar with HD Theater, which is owned by Discovery. Soon, we'll have even more excellent high-def automotive content thanks to a new agreement that will spawn Velocity, a new...

  • The Car Show
    The Car Show With Carolla, Farah, Neil Debuts Tonight On SPEED

    That's right folks, the car show you've been waiting for, The Car Show, will offer up its first episode this evening at 10 p.m. Eastern. Will it suck? Will it wow? You will be the judge. Color us less than optimistic, however. While Dan Neil's skilful print review background and Matt Farah's...

  • Top Gear USA preps for its second season
    Top Gear USA Season 2 Teaser: Video

    Whether you loved it, hated it, or were somewhere in between, Top Gear USA's first season was apparently successful enough commercially to justify a second run at becoming America's car show. History has just released the first teaser for the second season, and it looks like the same gang will get...

  • Top Gear - Season 17
    Top Gear Season 17 Airs In UK: Video

    The boys are back for another season of hilarity and mishaps involving cars in a variety of location, with episode one of season 17 of the original--and still the best--Top Gear airing last night in the UK. This is season 17 of the ever popular show and as this gallery reveals, we can expect some...

  • Top Gear season 17 preview

    Last week we learned the BBC's Top Gear would return for its 17th season on June 26. Today, we get a new trailer previewing the mop-headed trio's antics. The recipe once again boils down to hoonage, intentional idiocy, ridiculous use of small cars, and funny accents. Now if only the BBC would let us legally acquire the current season here in the U.S.

  • Carolla interviews manufacturer rep at NY Auto Show. Photo via SpeedTV.
    The Car Show With Carolla, Neil, Farah Debuts July 13

    Can Carolla, Neil, and Farah do what Foust, Wood, and Ferrara couldn't? We only have a few weeks left until we find out.

  • Le Mans Live On-Board with Audi
    Don't Get The Le Mans 24 Hours On TV? Get An Audi Eye View

    As we speak the Le Mans 24 Hour sports car race at Le Mans in France has been underway for just under an hour. If you're not lucky enough to be enjoying a beer by the side of the circuit or at least don't have access to a television feed for the race, fear not. Front-running team Audi has their own...

  • Stefano Langone
    American Idol's Stefano Langone, Nearly Killed By Drunk Driver, Has DUI Of His Own

    We're not going to sit here and pretend to hang on every word that drops from the mouths of American Idol contestants. We're not even going to pretend that we've watched a full episode of the show. But when it comes to competitors hiding portions of their past...well, we're all ears. During his...

  • Top Gear USA hosts mug during "Donut" trailer
    Top Gear USA Gets Second Season Greenlight on HISTORY

    HISTORY has decided the first season of the U.S. version of Top Gear cut enough mustard to pick up a second. The first 10 episodes of the series pulled in a total of 60 million viewers. The notoriously cranky Jeremy Clarkson even gives the American show his seal of approval: “Top Gear is our...

  • Print ad for GM's Inside the Vault TV show
    Video: General Motors Launches A Manly New TV Show

    To the casual observer, it might seem that there are plenty of TV shows for Manly Men to watch. Need explosions? Try any of CSI's 31 flavors. Detective sleuthing? There's an entire Law and Order franchise waiting. Hunting and sports are featured on dozens of cable channels (plus the new The Drivers...

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