Unless you're a fan of the TV series Pawn Stars, you might've missed the news on Friday that a 1957 Chevy 150 sedan belonging to the "Old Man" overheated and burst into flames. But there's a follow-up piece that might interest you: the classic car was restored in just a matter of hours, and it's once again in top condition.

The Chevy was originally given to the Old Man by the stars of two other History Channel shows, American Pickers and American Restoration. American Pickers found the car in bad shape, then handed it over to American Restoration. After the sedan had been spiffed up, they surprised the Old Man with the keys.

There aren't any details on the cause of Friday's incident, but the good news is that the Chevy went straight to The Count's garage at Count Customs. In a matter of just a few hours, he'd replaced the tires, the steering wheel, and other parts to put the 150 back on the road.

This might've flown under our radar, except that it's the second such incident involving a classic car and the Old Man in less than nine months. (The first victim was a 1966 Imperial Crown convertible.) In this case, let's hope the third time isn't the charm.