Whether you love the flannel-clad antics of Rutledge Wood, the humor of Adam Ferrara, or the behind-the-wheel skill of Tanner Foust, the most American version of Top Gear will be back on The History Channel this week, starting up tomorrow, August 14th, at 9 p.m. Eastern. A total of sixteen episodes are planned for the new season.

Though Top Gear USA started out a bit shakily, its first season was successful enough with gearheads and normal folks alike to earn it a second go. The third season will see six episodes aired before the break, with another ten to come in the new year.

News of the show's return first came to us through a tweet from Rutledge Wood. The details of timing and episode count followed Adam Ferrara's May confirmation of the show's return for its third season.

With sixteen new episodes on tap, the show's current 26-episode catalog will grow by more than half--and we're likely to see the trio push the boundaries of crazy, weird, and/or pointless scenarios. And we're almost certain to see Adam crash something previously thought to be uncrashable.