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    The second series of The BBC’s "Top Gear" seems to be finding its stride once more. "The Grand Tour," featuring our favorite trio of Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, and James May, has found success on Amazon. Americans are once again getting a "Top Gear" variant all our own with the confirmation of "Top Gear America" coming to BBC America. It appears that all is well when it comes to shows featuring dudes playing with cars. And now it looks like there may be some additional competition looking to capture viewership from three familiar faces. Tanner Foust, Rutledge Wood, and Adam...

  • Antron Brown is ready to race. Photo: Anne Proffit
    'Top Gear America' to return with new cast, new network

    Mention to car guys "Top Gear USA" and they are likely to sneer. After an aborted first attempt by NBC that was centered around Adam Corolla, the History Channel version could never live up to the British show it was named after. The trio of rally racer Tanner Foust, auto journalist Rutledge Wood...

  • Top Gear USA hosts mug during "Donut" trailer
    Top Gear USA Season 4 Starts September 3: Video

    Whether you love or hate the guys from Top Gear USA, television is never quite as satisfying when the show isn't on--where else would we get our fix of people doing stupid stuff in cars (okay, maybe Youtube...)? Rutledge, Tanner and Adam return to our sets this September 3, and as you can see from...

  • Top Gear USA hosts mug during "Donut" trailer
    Top Gear USA Pits NASCAR Against McLaren MP4-12C Tonight

    Top Gear USA has shaped up to be much more interesting than it was in its early episodes--to the point of being rather entertaining in its third season. Tonight's show, airing at 9 p.m. Eastern, looks to be another step forward. Pitting NASCAR driver Carl Edwards in his No. 99 Roush Fenway Racing...

  • A shredded rear tire from Carl Edwards Sprint Cup car, posted to Instagram by Tanner Foust
    What Do Tanner Foust, Carl Edwards, Stock Cars And A McLaren Have In Common?

    It’s amazing what you can learn from just a picture, like the one shown above, posted to Instagram by Tanner Foust. At first glance, it shows a shredded right rear tire, seemingly from the number 99 Sprint Cup car of NASCAR driver Carl Edwards. Look closer, and you can see a clap board in the...

  • Top Gear USA, now on BBC 3
    Top Gear USA Returns Tomorrow, Sixteen Episodes Planned

    Whether you love the flannel-clad antics of Rutledge Wood, the humor of Adam Ferrara, or the behind-the-wheel skill of Tanner Foust, the most American version of Top Gear will be back on The History Channel this week, starting up tomorrow, August 14th, at 9 p.m. Eastern. A total of sixteen episodes...

  • Top Gear USA hosts mug during "Donut" trailer

    There's no shortage of both haters and lovers of America's version of Top Gear. Where you stand depends as much on your sense of humor as it does your love of cars, but whichever side you're on, you'll get to experience a third season of the show. The return of Top Gear USA for season three was confirmed by Adam Ferrara last night via Twitter. Ferrara was at the A&E Networks 2012 Upfront (A&E Networks is the parent company of the History Channel, home to Top Gear USA) with co-host Rutledge Wood to announce the show's return. While we're largely (still) on the fence about Top Gear USA...

  • Top Gear USA, now on BBC 3
    Top Gear USA Season Three Premiers On February 14

    Top Gear USA returns for its third season on Tuesday, February 14. Expect more of the same antics from hosts Tanner Foust, Adam Ferrara and Rutledge Wood.

  • Top Gear USA preps for its second season
    Top Gear USA Season 2 Extended: 8 More Episodes On The Way

    General consensus among Top Gear fans wasn't too positive for the first season of Top Gear USA. For anyone who'd caught episodes of the UK version and enjoyed the crazy antics of Clarkson, Hammond and May, it just wasn't up to scratch. Heck, even if you'd not seen an episode of the UK series it...

  • Block, Foust, Gittin Jr., Deegan launch Octane Academy
    Ford Bringing Its 'Octane Academy' To Fuel TV In Early 2012

    Due to the overwhelming popularity of its 'Octane Academy' contest, Ford will be working with Fuel TV to create a reality TV show from the Octane Academy sessions.

  • Top Gear USA preps for its second season
    Top Gear USA Season 2 Premiere: Reader Review

    Last night, I ate some frozen pizza (definitely not delivery...) goofed around on my new Android tablet, drove a few dozen miles in the CTS-V Coupe I have in the driveway and generally forgot completely about the season two premiere of Top Gear USA. In other words, I had fun. If you found yourself...

  • Top Gear USA preps for its second season
    Top Gear USA Season 2 Teaser: Video

    Whether you loved it, hated it, or were somewhere in between, Top Gear USA's first season was apparently successful enough commercially to justify a second run at becoming America's car show. History has just released the first teaser for the second season, and it looks like the same gang will get...

  • Top Gear USA hosts mug during "Donut" trailer

    We’ve known for some time that HISTORY was planning to air a second season of Top Gear USA, after the show’s first season, which comprised some 10 episodes, managed to pull in a total of 60 million viewers. Now, thanks to the show’s Facebook page, we know that the first episode of the brand new season will air on July 24. While the show never reached the popularity of the original the British version, which itself just reached season 17 when the latest episode aired in the UK last Sunday, it’s got its own following and the potential to be great. In case you missed the...

  • NASCAR and Top Gear USA forms partnership
    Top Gear USA Partners With NASCAR For ‘Top Gear 300’ Nationwide Series Race

    What better way to drum excitement for your show than to partner with one of the country’s most watched events, the NASCAR Nationwide Series. That's exactly what the producers of Top Gear USA have done, signing a deal with Charlotte Motor Speedway to rename the May 28 NASCAR Nationwide Series...

  • Top Gear USA hosts mug during "Donut" trailer
    Top Gear USA Gets Second Season Greenlight on HISTORY

    HISTORY has decided the first season of the U.S. version of Top Gear cut enough mustard to pick up a second. The first 10 episodes of the series pulled in a total of 60 million viewers. The notoriously cranky Jeremy Clarkson even gives the American show his seal of approval: “Top Gear is our...

  • Adam Carolla in Toyota GP gear
    Adam Carolla Takes On Top Gear USA. We Have Some Suggestions.

    Look, we know that Top Gear USA just launched, and we know that sometimes it takes a few episodes for a show to get warmed up (e.g. Mad Men, Nurse Jackie, Facts of Life). But as much as we (pretend to) hate jumping to conclusions, in this case, there's only one we can reach: Top Gear USA is...

  • Top Gear USA hosts mug during "Donut" trailer
    Video: Two New Top Gear USA Trailers, Show Airs November 21

    We found out earlier this week that Top Gear USA would get its own Stig (and no, he's not the fat one) as well as the Suzuki SX4 as its small car for big stars. Today, the History Channel has loosed another pair of trailers for the show, and the air date of the first episode: November 21. The two...

  • Top Gear logo
    Top Gear USA Gets A Stig, Suzuki SX4 As Celeb Car

    Top Gear USA is finally getting close to airing on the History Channel, and the last of the details of the show's setup are leaking to the Web. Today Variety published details on the show, including the celebrity guest list. The first episode will feature Tim Allen and Ty Burrell, while Buzz...

  • Top Gear USA Lamborghini shootout

    As we all know and axiously await, we Yanks are due to get our own version of the world's most popular car-related TV show, Top Gear. Today, History Channel gives us a preview of what to expect from the team, and so far, it looks pretty good. The video editing will be familiar to anyone that's seen the original U.K.-version, though the tone and demeanor of hosts Adam Ferrara, Tanner Foust and Rutledge Wood are all-American. In this clip, they rip around test tracks and winding roads with a handful of Lamborghinis in tow. It's a promising start, but we'll have to see how well the whole...

  • Top Gear logo
    Video: First Trailer For Top Gear USA Released

    We were briefly excited last year then quickly had our hopes smashed when word of an American version of the UK's hit car-related show Top Gear was released, then quickly canceled after filming the pilot. It had been slated for NBC, then confirmed for The History Channel and today we have the first...

  • Tanner Foust filming in L.A. with Top Gear USA
    Top Gear USA Caught Filming In Los Angeles

    The team from Top Gear USA was on Mulholland Drive filming this week.

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