It’s amazing what you can learn from just a picture, like the one shown above, posted to Instagram by Tanner Foust. At first glance, it shows a shredded right rear tire, seemingly from the number 99 Sprint Cup car of NASCAR driver Carl Edwards.

Look closer, and you can see a clap board in the background, which means the shot was likely captured during filming of an upcoming episode of Top Gear USA, which is proof that the oft-maligned show will be back for another season.

Curiouser and curiouser, Foust tweeted that the peeled Goodyear skin was not his doing, thanking Carl Edwards in the process. The tweet also tagged McLaren Auto, leading us to believe that an upcoming episode of Top Gear USA may feature an on-track showdown between a Sprint Cup car and a McLaren MP4-12C.

Or, perhaps a showdown involving the 12C GT3, which may be more fitting, depending upon the track and the event. Of course it’s Top Gear USA we’re talking about, so the only certain thing is that there is no certain thing.

What’s your take? Will Tanner Foust’s snapped image inspire you to tune in for another season of Top Gear USA, or have you written off the U.S. version of the world’s favorite automotive docu-drama? Was last season too much of the same thing, or are you glad the show has (apparently) written off the “Big Star, Small Car” feature?