Whether you love or hate the guys from Top Gear USA, television is never quite as satisfying when the show isn't on--where else would we get our fix of people doing stupid stuff in cars (okay, maybe Youtube...)? Rutledge, Tanner and Adam return to our sets this September 3, and as you can see from the trailer above, the usual mix of road trips, supercars and challenges will all return in the new series.

There's little doubting the show has improved since it premiered back in 2010. Three series on, and the show has proved itself successful at replicating the traditional Top Gear format, with great chemistry between the presenters and enough uniqueness to separate it from the well-established U.K. show.

So what will the new series bring? More of Adam crashing into things in huge American sedans, more hipster jokes about Rutledge and more supercar challenges. But those are just guesses.

What we do know from a sneak peak on the History Channel's website is that each driver will be driving through the Eisenhower tunnel in Colorado in a trio of supercars--aiming to reach the continental divide as quickly as their car will take them.

The new series starts September 3 on History.


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