We found out earlier this week that Top Gear USA would get its own Stig (and no, he's not the fat one) as well as the Suzuki SX4 as its small car for big stars. Today, the History Channel has loosed another pair of trailers for the show, and the air date of the first episode: November 21.

The two trailers, entitled "Theater," and "Donut," feature such catchy phrases as "awesome," "holy moly," and "this is like Dukes of Hazzard." Despite the quaint commentary, the videos show us what looks to be a uniquely American take on the Top Gear formula. That's a welcome relief for those that feared a cheesy attempt to copy the trio of Brits that have made the original the most popular automotive show in the world.

Watch them for yourself and let us know in the comments if this looks like must-see TV.

[History Channel via YouTube]