We already know Ford is planning an onslaught of 2011 Fiestas for SEMA, but so far Chevrolet has been largely quiet on its plans for the aftermarket specialty show. Today we get a "sneak peek" at what it's calling its "surprises" for SEMA.

The surprises may lie in the hint at future production equipment. While SEMA is typically an outlet for one-off, wild, and sometimes wacky modifications, Chevrolet hints in the video that some of what we see at SEMA will "translate into products you can buy down the road."

From what we see in the video, that may mean unique wheels, "Jake" branded accessories and graphics for the Corvette range, and different body kits and aero enhancements for the Camaro range.

We'll have to wait until the first week of November to see the "surprises" in their entirety, but that doesn't mean you can't speculate on what we'll see in the comments below.