As far as streetable open-track cars go, the KTM X-Bow is in a very exclusive class, kept company primarily by the Ariel Atom and the Lotus 2-Eleven. But KTM is planning to up the ante with a new model: the race-bred 2011 KTM X-Bow R.

KTM is still in the process of developing the car. The major change is an upgraded powerplant generating at 300 horsepower, a significant jump from the standard X-Bow’s 237 horsepower. The engine for this even more powerful version comes again from Audi--but it is the more potent unit found in the Audi S3 sports hatch.

Additionally, a considerably lower positioning and a modified mounting of the engine will lead to even higher cornering speeds and increased driving precision. In addition, two optional equipment packages will be offered to customers to allow them to personalize their new roadster: the road legal and homologated “Sport” package, as well as the “Race” package, which is optimized for track use.

The packages each include several newly developed parts, which increase the performance of the car dramatically. Many of these parts will be also available separately in the PowerParts program, so existing owners of the standard X-Bow can also benefit from the latest developments.

Pictured above is a prototype of the new X-Bow R taken at its first test outing at the Nurburgring circuit in Germany. More details, including pricing, will be released closer to the car’s launch early next year.