Juliette Lewis

Juliette Lewis

You know Juliette Lewis, right? Actress? Singer? A 50/50 cocktail of awesomeness and crazitude, served with a splash of bitters and sweat? THAT Juliette Lewis. The one you haven't heard from in a while. Well, she's about to make a very high-profile appearance next Tuesday night -- at a launch party for the Range Rover Evoque during the Paris Auto Show.

We assume that she's performing -- you know, as a musician, not as an actor. It would be awfully weird to get up in front of a bunch of drunk Frenchmen and journalists and recite Ophelia's mad scene from Hamlet. Then again, let us not forget Jerry Lewis. Translation: French tastes can confuse foreign palates.

We also assume that this is the Juliette Lewis that we know and love, not some weird French technofunkpop outfit that decided to name itself for the Queen of Wacko. Which, now that we think about it, seems like a distinct possibility. 

The bigger question, though, is: WHAT HAPPENED TO POSH SPICE? Did Julie take her out to score this gig? We always thought that Natural Born Killers was a work of fiction, but maybe it was a documentary after all.

P.S. Sharing the bill with Juliette (the actor/singer or the French technofunkpop band) are A-Trak and Misty Rabbit. We have a feeling this is a party for the Colette set, but we may crash it anyway. Quel surprise.