• 2010 Paris Auto Show: Juliette Lewis at the Range Rover Evoque event

    We told you that Juliette Lewis had been tapped to perform at the Range Rover Evoque launch party during the 2010 Paris Auto Show. You didn't believe us. "Juliette Lewis?" you asked. "Why not Joseph Gordon-Levitt? He's got a band. Last we heard, Keanu had one, too." But do they possess the power of the Navajo sweater dress? They do not. (Also, Juliette happens to be running press junkets for Conviction, so we're guessing she was already in the area. Surely even Land Rover needs to cut costs where it can.) Anyway, the launch event was very glamorous, Lewis performed an hour-long set dressed in...

  • Juliette Lewis
    Today In Randomness: Juliette Lewis Headlines At Paris Launch Of Range Rover Evoque

    You know Juliette Lewis, right? Actress? Singer? A 50/50 cocktail of awesomeness and crazitude, served with a splash of bitters and sweat? THAT Juliette Lewis. The one you haven't heard from in a while. Well, she's about to make a very high-profile appearance next Tuesday night -- at a launch party...

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