The Frenchification of the news continues, this time with Peugeot's latest addition: the EX1 all-electric sports car concept. Built with the look of a futuristic track-day toy, it packs a 340-horsepower, all-wheel-drive punch.

The EX1 also features an unconventional narrow rear track and single swingarm/rocker rear suspension. Despite the tail-happy looks, however, Peugeot says the EX1 can pull more than 1g in lateral acceleration.

Built around a lightweight carbon/honeycomb composite monocoque, the EX1's combination of power, all-wheel-drive, grip, and what is (presumably) a featherweight footprint, the EX1 is like a highlight reel of a speed fiend's dreams. Peugeot hasn't released the full specs on the car, so things like 0-60 mph, curb weight, range, and battery capacity remain unkown.

Don't expect to see the EX1 on the street anytime soon, however, especially not if you're over here on the American side of the pond. Price, technology, and what would be infinitesimal sales volume compared to the cost of the project are likely to keep the EX1 limited to pure prototype status. But as a proof of concept, we like what we see here.