Back in 2008, we brought you what purported to be a leaked inside document talking about a special-edition Veyron GT, rated at up to 1,350 horsepower. That was just as the economic wave was cresting, however, and the car did not come. But once again, rumors of a special, even-higher-output Bugatti are making the rounds--possibly a Veyron, but more likely the successor to the legendary top-speed hypercar.

This time the magic number is 1,200 horsepower, and the GT name isn't being mentioned. Whatever the uber-Bugatti is called, however, it is still little more than fantasy at this point. A wicked fantasy, but still.

The news comes from a solid source, however: VW Group patriarch Ferdinand Piech. During a talk delivered at the Vienna University of Technology, Piech mentioned the car in passing, saying there will be a new version with the claimed 1,200 horsepower figure.

Machine translation being what it is, it's not clear if Piech was talking about a turned-up version of the current Veyron or the Veyron's planned successor, but either way, expect it to pack more technology and performance per square inch than just about anything else on the road if it does materialize.

[ via Autoblog]