BMW's new M3 GTS may not be able to take the credit for the M3 GT2 that took the win at the 2010 24 Hours of the Nurburgring this past weekend, but it's not above celebrating the victory, if the latest rumors prove true.

We're always a bit leery of poorly-written posts on fan forums, but it's hard to deny the rumortastic awesomeness of the M3 GTS-R. So much so that we actually hope BMW builds it. So what, exactly, is this M3 GTS-R purported to be?

An even lighter, more focused version of the M3 GTS, of course. The equipment list reads like a racer's dream: wider fender arches to allow for wider wheels and tires, lighter Y-spoke wheels, carbon fiber hood and trunk panels, more power from the 4.4-liter V-8, and possibly the KERS regenerative braking/boosting system prognosticated for the next M5. The rest of the M3 GTS's lightweight package, including a stripped out interior and lightweight glass, are also part of the package. Upgraded aero should aid grip at higher speeds as well.

Shedding the eye-splitting orange for a matte black paint job, the GTS-R is sure to look the murdered-out part of the track assassin it is. If it ever comes to be, that is. We'll keep our ears to the ground to keep you up on the latest.

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