• Haynes Manual

    Hanyes Publishing will continue to print manuals for older cars, but the company will no longer print new Workshop Manuals.

  • Haynes Manual
    Founder of the Haynes Manual, John Haynes, dead at 80

    John Haynes may not be a familiar name to many people, but his contributions to the automotive world are larger than life. The man responsible for the Haynes Manual has passed away at the age of 80. Haynes Publishing announced its founder's passing on Monday and said Haynes passed away after a...

  • Repairing curbed wheels
    Take a look at how professionals repair curb rash and scuffed wheels

    Curbed wheels look terrible and tell the world that parallel parking may not be one of the merit badges on our sashes. Thankfully, there are professionals who can take care of curb-rash scars. Detailer AMMO visited Proformance Industries to understand how the pros repair a curbed wheel the right...

  • Ferrari Classiche Authorised Workshops
    Select Ferrari dealers now authorized to maintain and repair older Ferraris

    Let's say you have a classic or vintage Ferrari, and it needs a bit of work. We're going to pretend that your bank account isn't embarrassingly full of overdraft charges for this one. You can search around for an independent mechanic, but finding one willing and able to spin wrenches on a very...

  • Haynes repair manual. Image: Haynes Publishing
    Haynes Manuals Are Going Mobile

    Whether you're a dyed-in-the-wool do-it-yourselfer or the sort of person who pays people to pump his gas, chances are good that you've seen a Haynes Manual before. They're easy to spot at almost any auto parts shop or bookstore -- just look for the long row of unadorned tomes covering nearly every...

  • Self-healing polymers
    Video: Self-Healing Polymers, The Future Of Car Paint Tech?

    The moment when you buy a new car is always something to be savored. Only a handful of digits on the odometer, that 'new car smell', and of course a smooth, glassy finish to the paintwork. Sadly it rarely lasts, and all but the most fastidiously-maintained vehicles will soon pick up scratches and...

  • eBay Motors

    The internet ain't what it used to be. Ten years ago, portals like Yahoo were all the rage, and auction sites were popping up faster than daytraders at an IPO. (Also: there were daytraders.) Today, portals are dead, social media is booming, and once-mighty giants like eBay are struggling to hang on. eBay's mainstream marketplace -- the area where folks shop for Star Wars figures and antique cufflinks -- has been in trouble for a while: the site design is stagnant (and ugly), and the profusion of vendors is enough to turn off many shoppers. eBay Motors isn't much better, but a new app could...

  • StickerFix
    Dutch Company Develops Stickers To Cover Up Scratches… No, Really

    Nothing is more saddening than seeing a scratch in your car’s beautiful paintwork, especially if it’s on the driver’s side. However, getting it properly repaired can be a difficult and often expensive experience, and more often than not the end result is never quite right. A Dutch...

  • Satellite
    GPS satellite network approaching danger zone

    Concerned parents use it to keep an eye on their kids. Government conspiracists think it's tracking our every move. Insurance companies want to use it to make more money. Drivers follow it blindly. Yes, GPS is a powerful part of our daily lives, but it's in jeopardy. The U.S. Department of Defense...

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