Nothing is more saddening than seeing a scratch in your car’s beautiful paintwork, especially if it’s on the driver’s side. However, getting it properly repaired can be a difficult and often expensive experience, and more often than not the end result is never quite right.

A Dutch company by the name of AkzoNobel has a solution that’s as simple as placing a sticker over the scratch. Called StickerFix, the paint-matched stickers offer a quick and handy solution that will ease the angst of seeing the horrible scratch while you either save up the cash to get it professionally fixed or slowly start to forget it’s there. 

The benefits of StickerFix are that its easier, cleaner and more durable than the old fashioned touch up pens. The best part is, if you don’t like the look, you can easily remove it.

AkzoNobel, incidentally, is a leading paint manufacturer and supplier to several major automakers, as well as the airline companies and the McLaren F1 team.