About a year ago, BMW's M Division development chief said a 1-Series M car was off the table, and hopes were consequently deflated. But then, after a spate of spy shots, BMW finally confirmed the car’s existence and released a new teaser video to boot. Earlier today, we brought you news that the car could be packing as much as 445 horsepower, though we remain skeptical it'll get more than the 335 horsepower seen in the upgraded is-series N54 engines.

Now, the automaker has released a third teaser video for the car, this time with potential future customers driving and talking about the car. The video reveals quite a lot despite the presence of some camouflage on the exterior, including the reactions of the participants to the fully unveiled (but off-camera) car.

In the previous videos we can see part of the new bumper design for the car, as well as a set of cross-drilled brakes and a quad exhaust tailpipe arrangement. Unfortunately, the teasers don’t really show us anything we haven’t already seen in the months of spy shots we’ve posted on this website, but at least we can rest easy with the knowledge that a new BMW M car is on its way--one that promises to be compact, nimble and light, something we haven’t see from BMW or its M Division in a very long time.

The reasoning behind the decision to introduce an M car below the M3 is that as the rest of BMW's M range goes further upscale, attracting new and younger buyers to the brand means BMW needs a car positioned accordingly. Expect pricing to start out around the $45,000-$50,000 mark in the U.S., about $5,000-$10,000 below a typical M3.

Check out the videos below and then read up on all the details in our previous story by clicking here.

BMW 1-Series M car teaser

BMW 1-Series M car teaser