• Ammo NYC paint protection film video screenshot

    Learn how paint protection film can be used for more than just painted surfaces.

  • How to remove scratches from car interior trim (Ammo NYC video screenshot)
    Here's how you remove scratches from your car's interior trim

    Yes, it is possible to remove those tiny scratches from the interior platic surfaces of your car.

  • Tire Diagram
    Why a quarter is an important tool in checking your tires

    Forget the Lincoln penny test, but don’t forget to use a tire pressure gauge, or to check your tires’ born-on dates.

  • Tread separation destroyed this tire and the wheel to which it was attached | Pierce Auto Parts
    Low tire pressure can be dangerous

    Routine checks by drivers are crucial to avoid heartache down the road.

  • Jaguar E-Type
    Dreaming of doing a restoration? Read this to avoid a nightmare

    Seriously, do not pass Go and do not collect $200 until you’ve considered the time and the cost and the labor involved.

  • How to detail your car like a pro
    How to detail your car like a pro: A step-by-step guide to paint correction and protection

    Detailing your car encompasses cleaning it with a clay bar, buffing and correcting the clear coat, then polishing it to make it shine like new.

  • A spirited drive in a vintage sports car could chase away those pandemic blues | Bob Golfen photos

    Spring is the time to get your classic cars out of storage. Here's what to check before you drive it.

  • How to wash a car like a pro
    How to wash a car like a pro

    Washing a car requires more than a bucket and a hose. Here’s how to do it right.

  • 426-cubic-inch Hemi V-8
    To start or not to start? That is the question for winter storage

    When storing a classic vehicle during the winter for three, four months or more, the question often arises: should I periodically start my car or just leave it be until spring finally comes around? Like many maintenance issues in the car world, there are opposing schools of thought on this issue...

  • AMMO detailing tips to rid a car of salt
    Spring cleaning: how to remove winter salt from your car

    After an interminable winter, spring has sprung...finally. For many car buffs across the country, it's time for spring cleaning. As part of its "Drive + Protect" series, AMMO Auto Care, Inc. has published an in-depth look at how to detail your car to rid it of every ounce of salt after the winter...

  • This is how you trail brake in a car
    Performance driving technique: how to trail brake

    You're coming hot. The corner is looming large out the front glass and you need to get this vehicle slowed down quickly. If you stomp on that brake pedal, you're likely to lock up the wheels and blow right through the corner. If you don't use enough brakes, you're also going through the corner...

  • Ford Performance Racing School
    Ford has an experience for Ford Performance Vehicle buyers like no other

    Most performance vehicle buyers don't use their vehicles as intended, or don't even know how. For that very reason many automakers now offer their own schools to teach buyers to take advantage of the capabilities of their vehicles. Then there's Ford Performance Racing School, and while it's similar...

  • Left-foot braking

    Left-foot braking. It's a tool performance drivers can add to their skill sets, but does it really make a difference? The folks at Team O'Neil Rally School have made a video to answer that question, at least when it comes to rally driving. To find out if right- or left-foot braking is better when the surface turns snowy and icy, our fearless instructor Wyatt Knox hops in a Subaru Impreza and runs a couple of timed laps around the Team O'Neil training course using right-foot, then left-foot braking. CHECK OUT: The merits of heel-and-toe vs. clutchless shifting on snow In his first run, Wyatt...

  • Heel-and-toe vs. clutchless downshifts
    The merits of heel-and-toe vs. clutchless shifting on snow

    Heel-and toe shifting is a pretty cool trick that you can pull out to try to impress your car guy buddies on the street. If you get it right, maybe they'll be impressed. If that passenger is your wife, boss, any other non-car person, odds are they won't even know what you are talking about, and...

  • Porsche Camp4 Canada 2017
    Fast camp: Take me to Porsches on ice

    Drivers dread the moment they effectively "run out of talent." That sinking feeling in the bottom of your stomach when a turn goes pear-shaped and the car goes sideways isn't exactly thrilling. For some, talent runs out on the day's last lap, when tires are hot and tensions are hotter. For others...

  • Ford has tips for driving in an ice storm
    Ford has some tips for driving through an ice storm

    Oh, the weather outside may be frightful. Driving, however, can still be delightful. Since you've some place to go, here's what you should do if it snows and it snows and it snows. Well, actually, these tips are for when it's a bit more slick outside and you're facing down an ice storm. CHECK OUT...

  • 2011 Nissan 370Z And 1990 Nissan 300ZX. Photos by Alex Bellus
    The last, best place to look for a part or accessory for your classic car

    Most auto enthusiasts have been there. Your classic car needs a part or accessory, and the hunt begins. Where do you start? Maybe I can help. This week I was tasked with finding a new car cover for one of my family's three blue-on-blue Z32 300ZX 2+2s. (Yes, we have a problem.) Sure, I could have...

  • Bring A Trailer auction
    What it's like to sell a car on Bring A Trailer

    It's a site that sends out a siren call to many auto enthusiasts. It's called Bring A Trailer (BaT) and many of us spend too much time looking at it on a daily basis. It's a gearhead's utopia of rare, vintage, and unique vehicles for sale all in one location. While the site features Craigslist...

  • Audi teases a new car for the 2013 Frankfurt Auto Show

    New cars are like playgrounds for adults. There are many exciting places to explore and crawl around, but like a hot slide in July, not all of them are great. No matter the price, some cars just don't come standard with common sense. Here's a short list of things we could do without in our new cars. 1. The only time we want a spare tire Spare tires now are the exceptions—not the rule. Once upon a time, we could at least count on a donut miniature spare back there. Now we're lucky to get even that. Many automakers use emergency repair kits instead of spare tires to save weight and to cut...

  • 40-car Garage For Sale-House Included
    9 Lifehacks Every Gearhead Should Know

    There are times in life when it's not so easy being a gearhead. Like, most of the time. But there are ways you can make it easier. These lifehacks will help anyone with a taste for cars and the turning of wrenches get on with things and still have time for all of that annoying non-car stuff your...

  • 2012 Tesla Model S Signature
    2013: The Year In New Performance And Luxury, A Buyer's Guide

    Even though it seems like it should be impossible, almost every year the car industry brings forth new and impressive feats of engineering, packaging, and value. Faster, more efficient, more feature-filled, and better-looking--just as it appears the end is in sight (cf. the "horsepower wars"), one...

  • Facebook Plus Motor Authority
    New Feature: An Easier Way To Share Your Favorite Posts On Facebook

    Loyal readers of Motor Authority, we know how much you love sharing our content with all your automotive friends. Today, we're excited to announce the release of Motor Authority with amped up sharing features. The new features are part of an enhanced integration with Facebook that just launched...

  • High Gear Media Team Shooting Video At 2011 Los Angeles Auto Show
    Check Out Motor Authority's New Video Section

    Faithful readers of Motor Authority, we know what you love. You want your high octane automotive news and reviews as fast as possible. We hear you, and in an effort to bring you even more information we have launched a new video section. The new video section is located on the top navigation bar...

  • Motor Authority On Google Currents
    Motor Authority Is Now On Google Currents

    As an avid reader of Motor Authority, we are sure you are always looking for new ways to check out the latest car news while on the go, and today we are happy to announce yet another way to do just that. Motor Authority is now on Google Currents. While we are sure you are already a fan on Facebook...

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