Let's say you have a classic or vintage Ferrari, and it needs a bit of work. We're going to pretend that your bank account isn't embarrassingly full of overdraft charges for this one. You can search around for an independent mechanic, but finding one willing and able to spin wrenches on a very expensive machine can be quite hard indeed.

Now, though, Ferrari is here to help because it just created an opportunity for select dealerships to perform the work you seek.

The title bestowed on these dealers is Ferrari Classiche Authorised Workshops, but you can call them Officinas as well. The work done here is fully certified by the big bosses in Maranello. If you have a Ferrari that's more than 20 years old, you can bring it to an Officina and trust that the work being done is up to the standards set forth by those in charge of the whole ship.

You care about the value of your car, and getting work done at one of these dealerships ensures it stays on the right path. Each shop is backed by the Ferrari Classiche department at the factory in Maranello and has a trained Ferrari Classiche Service Technician on hand who specializes in the maintenance, repair, and certification processes of older cars. If, however, you need a major component of your car repaired or reconstructed, that work still needs to be done back in Maranello.

If you're a U.S.-based Ferrari owner, 11 dealers have the distinction and ability to work on your older machine. Here are the dealers and their locations:

  • Ferrari of Newport Beach, Newport Beach, California
  • Ferrari South Bay, Torrance, California
  • Miller Motorcars, Greenwich, Connecticut
  • Ferrari of Central Florida, Orlando, Florida
  • Ferrari of Atlanta, Atlanta, Georgia
  • Continental Autosports, Hinsdale, Illinois
  • Lake Forest Sportscars, Lake Bluff, Illinois
  • Cauley Ferrari, West Bloomfield Township, Michigan
  • Ferrari of Austin, Austin, Texas
  • Ferrari of Houston, Houston, Texas
  • Ferrari of San Antonio, San Antonio, Texas

More shops will be certified in the future. With these Officinas, there's now a team in place in 48 places around the world to take care of your aging work of automotive art.


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