Whether you're a dyed-in-the-wool do-it-yourselfer or the sort of person who pays people to pump his gas, chances are good that you've seen a Haynes Manual before. They're easy to spot at almost any auto parts shop or bookstore -- just look for the long row of unadorned tomes covering nearly every make and model on the road. Fix-it types and tech fans will be glad to hear that Haynes Manuals are finally making the jump to the digital realm.

The reference books will be part of a new program from Haynes called "Manuals Online", or MOL. It's the direct result of Haynes' purchase of digital publisher Vivid Holding BV about three years ago. Haynes editorial staff have been working closely with Vivid's tech team to get the first 50 titles ready for roll-out this fall.

There's no word on what format the digital manuals will follow, but reports say they'll be sold by subscription (though presumably individual tinkerers can purchase one at a time), and that they'll work on everyday computers as well as tablets and other mobile devices. That implies that they'll be more than just straightforward copies of the print manuals -- after all, Haynes could've churned out PDFs ages ago, if they'd wanted to.

Sounds to us like the new Haynes guides will be somewhat interactive (hopefully with video) and regularly updated. Once launched, Haynes Manuals will be available at Haynes.com and other sites.

Oh, and for you bibliophiles, don't worry: Haynes plans to continue publishing its manuals in print form for the forseeable future.