• Haynes repair manual. Image: Haynes Publishing

    Whether you're a dyed-in-the-wool do-it-yourselfer or the sort of person who pays people to pump his gas, chances are good that you've seen a Haynes Manual before. They're easy to spot at almost any auto parts shop or bookstore -- just look for the long row of unadorned tomes covering nearly every make and model on the road. Fix-it types and tech fans will be glad to hear that Haynes Manuals are finally making the jump to the digital realm. The reference books will be part of a new program from Haynes called "Manuals Online", or MOL. It's the direct result of Haynes' purchase of digital...

  • eBay Motors
    eBay Motors Would Like To Build A Garage For You

    The internet ain't what it used to be. Ten years ago, portals like Yahoo were all the rage, and auction sites were popping up faster than daytraders at an IPO. (Also: there were daytraders.) Today, portals are dead, social media is booming, and once-mighty giants like eBay are struggling to hang...

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