Nissan Juke-R

  • Nissan Juke-R - Photo credit: James Edition/VDM Cars

    Just five examples of the 690-horsepower Nissan Juke-R were built, and one of them is currently up for sale.

  • Nissan Juke-R 2.0 concept, 2015 Goodwood Festival of Speed
    Nissan Reveals New, More Powerful Version Of GT-R-Powered Juke-R Crossover

    If indeed Nissan execs were displeased by the construction of the original Juke-R four years ago, they have a funny way of showing it. That’s because the Japanese automaker has unveiled a new version at the 2015 Goodwood Festival of Speed currently underway in the U.K., where the vehicle will...

  • Custom Nissan Juke-R drives the Nürburgring Nordschleife in the wet
    Nissan Juke-R (WITH NAWSSS) Laps The Nürburgring Like A Beast: Video

    The Nissan Juke-R is already an insanely upgraded version of the Juke crossover—or, taken another way, an insanely re-bodied version of the Nissan GT-R. So when you add nitrous oxide to the mix, make the all-wheel drive switchable to rear-wheel drive, and then throw it onto the...

  • Nissan JUKE-R track drive, first U.S. appearance, Nashville Superspeedway
    Nissan JUKE-R: First Track Drive Video

    The Nissan Juke-R started as an off-book project that was, at first, not a favorite of the home office. Once they saw what it could do, however, they came around. Now there are four of them in existence--two for Nissan/NISMO and two delivered to private customers. The example we got to drive last...

  • Nissan Juke-R #001
    First production Nissan Juke-R ready for delivery

    First unveiled as a concept in late 2011, Nissan’s all-out-insane Juke-R crossover has since gone on to tour much of the world, causing much excitement, particularly in the Middle East, where at least three people were willing to pay the astronomical asking price of $600k to see the car...

  • Production Nissan Juke-R sketches
    Nissan Juke-R Production Sketches Revealed

    The first sketches of the upcoming production version of the Nissan Juke-R have been revealed, depicting--as expected--a crossover with a decidedly sporty and agressive look. Just as insane as the prototype Juke-R, based on the Nissan GT-R's powertrain and intended for exhibition racing duty, the...

  • Nissan's upcoming Juke Nismo

    While all of us would love to climb behind the wheel of the utterly insane, 545-horsepower Nissan Juke-R, few will ever get that chance. Although Nissan has announced a limited-production build of the Godzilla-infused grocery-getter, each built-to-order copy is expected to cost in the neighborhood of $600,000. For the rest of us, Nissan is building a Nismo-tuned version of the Juke, due to launch in Europe early next year, with U.S. sales to follow. Although the prototype Juke Nismo was shown at an event preceding this year’s 24 Hours of Le Mans, specific details on the...

  • The Nissan Juke-R
    Nissan’s 545-Horsepower Juke-R Crossover Hits The Ice: Video

    Before heading to the Nürburgring to compete at the German circuit’s 24 hour endurance race last weekend, Nissan’s original GT Academy winner Lucas Ordonez took some time out to test the 545-horsepower Nissan Juke-R crossover on Norway’s Losna Isbane ice tracks. Having grown...

  • Nissan Juke-R racing on the streets of Dubai
    545-Horsepower Nissan Juke-R Entering Production: Official

    Nissan has announced that its insane Juke-R super-crossover will be built, but in a very limited run and on a build-to-order basis. The production version will stay true to the original concept, complete with a twin-turbocharged V-6 engine sourced from a GT-R supercar, advanced all-wheel drive...

  • 2011 Nissan Juke-R Concept
    Nissan UK's secret Juke-R reportedly riles Japan headquarters

    The Nissan Juke-R, the mental little mashup of the GT-R and the funky Juke compact crossover, is one of the least likely yet most awesome creations of 2011. It turns out, however, that it wasn't an official program, and the British division that built it is apparently in hot water with the home...

  • The Nissan Juke-R
    Completed Nissan Juke-R Concept Ready To Hit The Road: Video

    Nissan has released a video showing us with the Juke-R looks like and, more importantly, sounds like.

  • 2011 Nissan Juke-R Concept
    2011 Nissan Juke-R Concept Revealed

    Nissan has taken the wraps off its outright nutty Juke-R concept, choosing a low-key media launch of the European Qashqai crossover in Malaga, Spain, to roll out this sinister monstrosity. In addition to the surprise unveiling Nissan also announced that two Juke-Rs will be created, one in left-hand...

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