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  • Google Maps Reporting

    Google Maps is adding Waze-like reporting of incidents for iPhone users.

  • Waze icons
    Waze's incident reporting now available on Google Maps

    One of Waze's best features has arrived on Google Maps: incident reporting. The function allows for drivers to notify others of incidents—like roadwork, crashes, traffic jams, police cars, and more—during their travels. The feature was only just spotted weeks ago in Google Maps and...

  • Honda Collection Hall virtual tour
    Tour Honda's Museum With Google Maps, Too

    The Honda Collection Hall is now open to virtual visitors thanks to Google street view.

  • Lamborghini Museum virtual tour
    Take A Virtual Tour Of The Lamborghini Museum Thanks To Google Maps

    It’s now possible to take a stroll through Lamborghini’s official museum in Sant’Agata Bolognese from the comfort of your own home, thanks to the magic of Google Maps. Using the same technology as the Google Maps street view function, you can simply click your way through the two...

  • Apple Maps app - image courtesy of Apple
    Apple Maps Rewrites The Book On In-Car Navigation, We Think

    With the launch of a single app (and a new mobile device operation system), Apple has apparently managed to make portable and in-car navigation systems all but obsolete. Announced at this week’s Apple World Wide Developer’s Conference, Apple Maps promises to deliver unprecedented levels...

  • BMW laser headlight technology
    The Top Car Tech Of 2011

    We'll likely look back on 2011 as the year that the app truly entered our automobiles, becoming integrated with our Bluetooth-connected smartphones and, in some cases, fully integrated with vehicle infotainment systems.

  • Google Street View, Monument to Vittorio Emanuele II

    Google Maps has become an indispensable tool for many travelers, offering highly detailed maps, complete with satellite imagery. Now, the service offers a new feature: seamless movement from Google Maps to its popular sibling, Street View. Once upon a time, if users wanted to use Street View, they were required to install a special browser plugin. Then, they had to drag Pegman from the zoom bar onto the map. It wasn't a terribly onerous task, but it seemed strange that users couldn't simply glide down to street level by continuing to zoom in. Now you can. Anywhere that Street View is...

  • The Google Street View Car
    Google Street View Rolls Into Israel (With Restrictions)

    Google Street View -- like its big sisters, Google Maps and Google Earth -- is a great service that has changed the way we view the world, but it's taken a lot of heat, too, especially from privacy advocates. Now, Street View cars are making their first forays into Israel, but they'll be rolling...

  • Google Maps adds weather layer from
    Google Maps Predicts Rain And Shine With New Weather Layer

    If you're trying to squeeze in one more vacation before summer comes to a screeching halt, you might want to crack open Google Maps. You already know that the service can plan your travel route, but now, Google Maps can help you pack, too, by giving you weather forecasts for your target...

  • Chadwick Martin Bailey study on smartphone & tablet usage habits, May 2011
    Taps For TomTom: The Standalone GPS Unit Is Dead

    The lightbulb killed the gas lamp. The DVD killed the VHS tape. And now, the world is preparing for the death of another invention past its prime: the standalone GPS device. We've been expecting this funeral for some time. Google Maps' debut on smartphones was a bad omen, and each new travel app...

  • Google Street View car
    Use A Mobile Device? Google Street View May Know Where It Is

    UPDATED: See below. If you use a mobile device -- a laptop, a cell phone -- you know how great it can be to stay connected on the go. But as we've seen with the Apple iPhone and even with RSS feeds on the Nissan Leaf, mobility often comes with its share of privacy headaches. The latest issue?...

  • Google Maps with traffic data for Munich and Madrid
    Planning A European Road Trip? Google Maps Has Traffic Info

    For many of us, the thought of motoring through the backroads and byways of Europe sounds like a dream vacation, but such trips come with their share of challenges -- namely, unfamiliar roads, signs in foreign languages, and, like anywhere, rush hour traffic. (Hey, someone's gotta keep punching the...

  • Al Franken

    Privacy has long been a serious issue on the web. Now, a new bill authored by Senator Al Franken wants to address some of those concerns -- and from where we sit, it's arrived just in the nick of time. In the early days of Web 1.0, long before the rise of social networking, privacy concerns centered mostly around online chats, cyber stalkers, and online predators. The idea that you might be talking to someone who wasn't who s/he claimed to be was frightening -- and still is. The problems ramped up dramatically when the web went social. Facebook alone has over half a billion users, many of...

  • Google Maps' Live Transit Update
    Car In The Shop? Google Maps Tells You How Late The Bus Is: Video

    The only thing more annoying than putting your car in the shop is waiting to catch the bus the next day. It's such a common frustration, it made up Everywoman Sandra Bullock's entire backstory in Speed. The worst part is that while some transit systems offer updates to commuters, indicating when...

  • Google and DOE map of alternative fuel locations
    Need To Charge Your Electric Car? There's A Google Map For That

    Despite the best efforts of some in the auto industry to keep electric cars off the roads, they're back. Given the current state of technology, the EV's revenge will likely be slow and steady, but most experts agree that electrics are the future of transportation. There are, however, several...

  • Bing Maps Streetside car
    Bing Brings Streetside To Britain: Is Google Losing Ground?

    We've talked a lot about the chilly reception Google Street View has gotten overseas. And yesterday, tech reporters were all a-flutter with reports that Google is losing ground to Microsoft's Bing in the search wars. Now comes news that Bing is bringing its Street View competitor, Streetside, to...

  • Flag of Switzerland
    Switzerland Serves Google Street View Its Biggest Smackdown To Date

    Here in America, we think Google Street View is great -- all unicorns and double-rainbows -- but elsewhere in the world, folks have been significantly less enthralled. Germany ordered Google to let citizens opt-out of having their homes included on the service. England and Canada found Google...

  • Google Street View car
    Mon Dieu! France Fines Google $142,000 For Street View Privacy Violations

    There's no denying that Google Maps is the king of online mapping services. It may have been slightly late to the party, but thanks to social features like sharable maps and the ability to drop in notes at specific locations, it quickly zoomed past competitors like MapQuest. One of Google Maps'...

  • Image of Copenhagen from Google Street View

    During the recent recession, a new type of vacation was born: the relaxing but slightly saddening "staycation". Thankfully, many of the world's economies have begun to recover, so now that winter's chill is thawing, cabin fever victims in the northern hemisphere are planning real getaways for summer 2011. Whether you're pondering a road trip to grandma's house or a European tour, Google's recently redesigned Street View website can come in handy. Street View has been available for several years, but it's always felt like an integrated feature of Google Maps rather than a standalone service...

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