Google Maps adds weather layer from

Google Maps adds weather layer from

If you're trying to squeeze in one more vacation before summer comes to a screeching halt, you might want to crack open Google Maps. You already know that the service can plan your travel route, but now, Google Maps can help you pack, too, by giving you weather forecasts for your target destination.

Over the years, Google Maps has added a number of layers and functions to its service. The satellite view has always been interesting for folks who like to see the Big Picture, and the traffic view is great for commuters. And of course, Street View is perfect for finding destinations on unfamiliar streets (though it's caused its share of privacy concerns).

Now there's a new layer: weather. To access it, simply point your cursor to the upper right corner of Google Maps, click the dropdown menu, and select "weather". You can see forecasts around the globe -- courtesy of the U.S. Naval Research Lab -- and if you click on a particular location, you can view a forecast tailored to that spot. That'll come in handy when you're debating whether to pack a snorkel or an umbrella for that weekend in Pensacola.

The weather layer isn't available on smartphones yet, so for now, you'll need to access it on your desktop device. For more info, check out this overview video, or visit the Google Maps blog.