• Google Maps adds weather layer from

    If you're trying to squeeze in one more vacation before summer comes to a screeching halt, you might want to crack open Google Maps. You already know that the service can plan your travel route, but now, Google Maps can help you pack, too, by giving you weather forecasts for your target destination. Over the years, Google Maps has added a number of layers and functions to its service. The satellite view has always been interesting for folks who like to see the Big Picture, and the traffic view is great for commuters. And of course, Street View is perfect for finding destinations on unfamiliar...

  • Backseat Driver app from ToyToyota
    Vacation Planner: Toyota Has A Road Trip App Just For Kids

    At a time when most major manufacturers are scaling back and focusing on core products, Toyota has added a brand -- and along with it, a new toy to keep kids occupied on road trips. The brand in question is ToyToyota, and its first product is an app called Backseat Driver. Backseat Driver is...

  • Gas Buddy
    Memorial Day: 6 Apps For Your 3-Day Weekend

    If you're one of our U.S. readers, you're probably (well, hopefully) preparing for a three-day weekend. And although gas prices are sky high, chances are good that many of you are planning road trips over the Memorial Day holiday. If you're in that number, we'd like to suggest a few apps that'll...

  • Image of Copenhagen from Google Street View
    Planning A Summer Vacation? Google Updates Street View To Help

    During the recent recession, a new type of vacation was born: the relaxing but slightly saddening "staycation". Thankfully, many of the world's economies have begun to recover, so now that winter's chill is thawing, cabin fever victims in the northern hemisphere are planning real getaways for...

  • Jolly green giant statue in Blue Earth, MN
    Garmin Makes Road Trips Fun With Maps From

    Garmin, TomTom, and other aftermarket telematics systems have been fighting an uphill battle since July 2008. That's when Apple launched the App Store and smartphone users began to realize that apps could serve the same function as pricey dashtop units, but with minimal upfront cost and no...

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