While we all want a Ferrari 458 Italia, not all of us are fortunate enough to have the means. Luckily, Thrustmaster has come to save the day with a new Ferrari 458 steering wheel set-up for the Xbox 360.

Thrustmaster worked with both Microsoft and Ferrari during the development of its steering wheel controller. The controller is meant to work with Forza 4 or any Need For Speed racing game.

Just like the real Ferrari 458 Italia steering wheel, the game controller is fairly complex, right down to Ferrari's "Manettino" dial. Unlike the real 458 Italia, however, the dial isn't used for chassis setup, rather it allows users to quickly toggle between player views and other in-race settings.

The controller features large metal shift paddles placed behind the steering wheel, acting as if they were column mounted. And, it also comes with a pedal kit which includes the typical accelerator and stiffly sprung brake pedal.

So if you can't afford a $225,325 Ferrari 458 Italia, maybe the $89.99 458 steering wheel set-up by Thrustmaster is a better fit for your budget.

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