One of Waze's best features has arrived on Google Maps: incident reporting. The function allows for drivers to notify others of incidents—like roadwork, crashes, traffic jams, police cars, and more—during their travels.

The feature was only just spotted weeks ago in Google Maps and Google itself told The Verge in a report last Friday that the feature has been live for months for Android users. Google owns both Google Maps and Waze after it purchased the latter in 2015.

Although both apps are go-to choices for drivers—while Apple works to entirely rebuilds its Maps application—Waze has always had a devoted following. The incident reporting is instant and offers a reprieve for drivers who may want to quickly reroute around traffic or another incident.

Ford became the first automaker to offer full Waze connectivity on any vehicle running a Sync 3 infotainment system. For iPhone users with Sync 3, Waze mirrors the smartphone app directly on the infotainment screen, and all of its handy features are present and accounted for. Waze will also head to Apple CarPlay with the iOS 12 software update for iPhone users.

But Google gives and takes. Although Google Maps now offers a well-loved feature, the app recently deleted the ability to book an Uber. The feature disappeared in June on Android devices, but it had been missing in action for months on iPhones.