• Volvo Waze integration

    Volvo is integrating the Waze app with its Android-based infotainment systems; owners can download it from the Google Play Store.

  • Waze Carpool
    Waze Carpool app now supports multiple passengers

    The Waze Carpool app will now pair drivers with up to four passengers instead of just one.

  • Waze Connected Citizens Program
    Waze now offering traffic data to US cities

    Waze has helped many a motorist in recent years, but the app's data can now be used to help U.S. cities. The company announced on Tuesday that it is now leveraging its crowd-sourced traffic data to offer free alerts to all U.S. cities via its "Connected Citizens" program. Waze, which is owned by...

  • Waze icons
    Waze's incident reporting now available on Google Maps

    One of Waze's best features has arrived on Google Maps: incident reporting. The function allows for drivers to notify others of incidents—like roadwork, crashes, traffic jams, police cars, and more—during their travels. The feature was only just spotted weeks ago in Google Maps and...

  • Waze running on Ford vehicle with SYNC 3
    Ford rolls out Waze infotainment connectivity for iPhone users

    Ford in January announced Waze would come to vehicles equipped with its Sync 3 infotainment system. On Thursday, the Blue Oval officially rolled out Waze connectivity for iPhone users, two months later than it had originally promised. Ford's update allows iPhone users to plug their smartphone into...

  • Waze now supports infotainment screen operation in Fords
    iPhone users can soon use Waze on their Ford infotainment screens

    Waze and Ford have good news. The social navigation app announced on Wednesday at the 2018 Consumer Electronics Show that beginning in March iPhone users piloting a Ford vehicle will be able to experience Waze on their vehicles' in-car infotainment screens. Waze made the capability possible with...

  • Waze icons

    No one particularly likes being told what to do by others, so Waze now has the ultimate solution for that problem: have yourself tell you what to do. Waze now lets users record their own turn-by-turn directions for audio, offering an alternative to many preset options, according to Lifehacker. The "Waze Voice Recorder" is included in the latest update for the GPS application for Android smartphones (sorry, iPhone users). It prompts the Waze user to record the various directions used by its system in their own voice. Directions such as "turn left" and "exit right" are among the basic phrases...

  • Waze Rider app
    Google jumps on ride-sharing bandwagon with Waze Rider

    Despite being one of the top investors in leading ride-sharing service Uber, Google has launched a rival service called Waze Rider. The original Waze app uses crowdsourcing to provide navigation and real-time traffic information. Waze Rider is an extension of this app that helps you find a ride by...

  • Ridewith by Waze
    Google's Waze enters ride-sharing game: Is Uber doomed?

    Here's some news that isn't likely to sit well with the Uber brass: Google is getting into the ridesharing game. Details come from The Car Connection, which writes that Waze—the traffic app Google acquired in 2013—is currently testing a service called Ridewith on its home turf in...

  • Waze app for Android with commuting estimator
    Waze app update calculates your commute

    These days, you can't swing a cat in any app marketplace without hitting half a dozen targeted at travelers, but few of them meet anyone's everyday needs. After all, do we really need a travel app to get to the 7-Eleven? Waze is the exception to the rule, and with a new update, it becomes even more...

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