3D Printing

  • Porsche 3D-printed seat

    Porsche is offering 3D-printed seats for the 718 and 911 sports cars.

  • Porsche's 3D-printed electric drive housing prototype
    First pistons, now Porsche tries 3D printing housing for electric drive system

    By using 3D printing, the part could be made smaller, lighter and more rigid than if it was conventionally produced.

  • 1016 Industries developing 3D-printed body kit for the McLaren 720S
    3D-printed body kits: Could it become a thing?

    An American company is testing a 3D-printed wide-body kit for the McLaren 720S.

  • Lamborghini Aventador 3D printed
    Boy dreams of Lamborghini Aventador, so dad 3D prints supercar

    We've all been there as children, staring at dream cars pinned to bedroom walls. Dr. Sterling Backus' son was no different, though he fell in love with the Lamborghini Aventador while playing "Forza Horizon 3," a video game for the Xbox One. Backus' son asked his dad if it was possible to build...

  • BMW makes 1-millionth 3D-printed component
    BMW's created 1M 3D-printed parts since 2010

    The use of 3D-printed components isn't exactly new, but it has begun to reach levels normally reserved for mass production. A remarkable example is the 3D priting of parts by BMW. The German automaker said in a November announcement that it has produced one million 3D-printed components since 2010...

  • HRE 3D printed titanium wheels
    HRE's 3-D-printed titanium wheels could lead to a new level of car personalization

    Performance wheel maker HRE says 3-D printers can manufacture a strong, lightweight wheel for supercars. HRE worked with GE Additives in a new partnership to explore the possibilities of a titanium wheel produced with EBM technology (a type of 3-D printing). The prototype wheel, known as HRE3D+...

  • GM 3D-printed seat bracket concept part

    Future automotive components could look less like rigid pieces and more like organic shapes. General Motors announced on Thursday that the automaker has worked with Bay-area software company Autodesk to create a 3D-printed component to preview future manufacturing processes. The part is a seat bracket made from stainless steel. Compared to a traditional seat bracket, the 3D-printed part is 40 percent lighter and 20 percent stronger. Normally, the same part would involve eight separate components and several suppliers; the proof-of-concept part is one fluid piece. The software technology...

  • La Bandita from Hackrod
    Hackrod uses 3D printing and VR to bring beautiful La Bandita to life

    What if you could design the car of your dreams and see that vision turn real? That's the goal of a new automotive manufacturer called Hackrod, which has turned to 3D printing, virtual reality, and artificial intelligence to bring this ability to life. Their proof of concept? A gorgeous sleek...

  • 1988 Porsche 959 Sport, courtesy RM Sotheby's, Remi Dargegen
    3D printing allows Porsche to create obscure parts for classic cars

    Three-dimensional printing is poised to revolutionize manufacturing and production processes. It's also excellent news for owners of vintage cars in need of pretty obscure parts. Porsche Classic announced on Monday that it now has the ability to 3D print parts that may no longer be available. Tests...

  • Hackrod La Bandita made from 3D printed parts
    Startup wants to 3D-print your car design

    As kids, it was the dream of many auto enthusiasts to design a car just for ourselves. Well, there's a startup company for that. Called Hackrod, the new company wants its customers to do the designing while modern technology engineers it and 3D printers bring it to life. The company envisions...

  • Mercedes-Benz 3D-printed metal replacement parts
    Mercedes-Benz has 3D-printed a replacement part out of metal

    3D printing is poised to redefine numerous industries and has the potential to significantly impact manufacturing processes. Today, Mercedes-Benz took another major step in the transformation of manufacturing: it 3D printed a replacement part from metal. Not only that, but Mercedes-Benz says the...

  • Local Motors LM3D Swim
    Local Motors Unveils Its Latest 3D-Printed Car: Video

    Local Motors is keen to bring 3D printing into larger focus within the automotive world. Certain automakers or component manufacturers might make a part this way, but Local Motors is looking to make a nearly complete car using 3D printing. Recently, Local Motors showed us this was possible by way...

  • Peugeot Fractal concept, 2015 Frankfurt Auto Show

    Peugeot is hinting at the future of vehicle interiors with its Fractal concept car which is set to debut later this month at the 2015 Frankfurt Auto Show. The concept doesn’t preview any specific model but it does highlight some of the technologies that will be making its way into the French automaker’s future lineup, namely 3D-printed construction techniques and sophisticated sound systems. ALSO SEE: Lamborghini’s Next Supercar Special To Be The Centenario LP 770-4? The concept is in the form of a coupe though the roof can be removed for open-top driving, and it features an...

  • Local Motors Strati 3D-printed car concept
    Local Motors Moving Along With Plans For 3D-Printed Car: Video

    Last year, boutique company Local Motors announced a contest to design a 3D printed car. And now, Automotive News (subscription required) is reporting that the company says it will have a version of the winning design, dubbed the Strati, available to consumers in 2017. According to the Local Motors...

  • Ford Printable 3D Models
    Ford Releases Four Printable 3D Vehicle Models For Download

    The Ford Motor Company [NYSE:F] is on a hot streak—and it's eager to bring that enthusiasm to your home in a particularly 'cutting-edge' way. The video announcing the 2016 GT's aspirations for Le Mans greatness made legions of enthusiasts start looking at tickets to France, and the clip...

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